Pantosu – D

Pantosu – D

Extended Version For Sustain Relief

Pantosu – D

Pantoprazole 40 mg & Domperidone 10 mg


  • Improves Gastro- Intestinal Motility and Prevents Acid Hypersecretion.

Helps in Drug, Food and Alcohol-Induced Hypersecretion Syndrome


  • Effective gastric antisecretory and mucoprotective agent.

Provide the short term treatment for the erosions and inflammation of esophagus in gastroesophgeal reflux disease


  • Increases the gastric emptying rate, clears the region of residual food, lowering acid release.
  • Controls symptoms such as acid reflux & bloating.

Always a winner against Acidity

  • May 30, 2019